Continuous Security Verification Platform

Detect, fix and prevent security issues in your applications, open source dependencies and cloud platforms.

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Continuously scan changes to your applications and detect security issues in seconds.


Get language-specific actionable step-by-step advice on how to fix the security issues.


Protect your entire application portfolio with GuardRails in minutes.


Leverage metrics & insights to take actions based on your security posture.

One Platform To Rule Them All

GuardRails orchestrates over 25 security engines supporting many different security testing techniques. From detecting vulnerabilities in your code, insecure open source dependencies, hard-coded secret all the way to insecure cloud configuration. GuardRails covers over 15 programing languages and integrates directly into your development workflow.

Security Right In Your Existing Workflows

GuardRails orchestrates open-source, and commercial security tools by integrating them seamlessly into your existing workflows. GuardRails curates each security rule of the security tools to keep the noise low and only report high-impact and relevant security issues.

Pre-Scan processing

Language Detection

Config Parsing

Security Scanning




Cloud Config

Post-scan processing

Deduplicate Findings

Remove False Positives


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The GuardRails Differentiation

Native VCS Integration

We focus on providing a complete frictionless integration with modern Version Control Systems. No matter if you are using the cloud offering, enterprise versions, or need to run it within your premise.

Best of Breed Orchestration

GuardRails identifies the programming languages and frameworks and automatically runs the matching security tools. GuardRails is smart and detects similar results from different security tools and deduplicates them, so you don’t have to.

Secure Rule Curation

We understand that not all security issues are equally relevant, and our team of security experts curates every single rule of every single tool to decide whether it qualifies as a GuardRails issue, or not. This results in much less noise for you and your teams.

High Accuracy

GuardRails has built an expert system that detects false positives and is starting to use machine learning to continuosly increase the accuracy of detecting real vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

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