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Community-driven development with mature open source

Open-source software is everywhere. From the Linux operating system to GitHub, at some point or another, you’re going to use or depend on open source for your projects and commercial software. The majority of today’s internet is built on open source.

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GuardRails wins the Unicorn Battle in Singapore

Thanks to Startup.Network and the judges for selecting GuardRails as the winner of the Unicorn Battle Singapore. We are honored and humbled and are looking forward to the grand finale in San Francisco.

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GuardRails, a safety rail for developments on GitHub

The startup wants to democratize the integration of security into development processes, by playing on economic accessibility and on developer attractiveness .

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3 Annoying Security Speed Bumps on the DevOps Highway

Security and development are perceived as opposing forces, with different mindsets. It doesn’t have to be like this. Security and development are better together.

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How RuboCop Can Secure Your Ruby and Rails Applications

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Using Brakeman to secure your Rails app

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