About GuardRails

GuardRails, an application security platform, provides a unique blend of scanning capabilities that can be deployed across entire organizations in minutes. Modern development teams can uncover critical vulnerabilities in their applications and rectify them before attackers are able to abuse them.

GuardRails currently integrates 25+ finely-tuned scanning engines that support 15 of the most common programming languages and is trusted by over 1000 teams around the world.

Software is transforming the world, and we’re ensuring that businesses can make that change securely. With unique insights into application security a strong strategy in place, secured funding and a vision to make application security available to all.

Our Culture

Guardrails is a 100% remote team that helps developers, engineering teams, and companies secure their code!

We believe in lean yet specialized teams. Our teams are fully empowered, fast and nimble. Lean teams alleviate bureaucracy, improve management and allow for more things to get done.

We’re now a team of over 10 people living and working remotely across 6+ countries. As we grow, we’ll continue to work hard to build a diverse and highly collaborative team, that can effectively work with one another to solve hard problems and build a leading platform that we can all be proud of!

What We Value at GuardRails

Growth Opportunities

Our leadership team makes our profitability and product plans clear, and with a value “default to action,” you’re empowered to work on what interests you and your skills in that area.

Diversity and Inclusion Focus

We’re dedicated to building a warm, open, and inclusive work environment—one that’s safe for people of all backgrounds.

Problem Solving

Supporting and evolving our product is no easy task itself. Our all-hands support approach brings everyone to the table.

Continuous Learning

You start your role with onboarding to learn about our product, culture, and business. We’ll then introduce you to your team, where you’ll pick up new skills and tools. And the learning doesn’t stop there – ongoing discussions with other team members further support your professional development.

How We Work

You can work from anywhere and have flexible hours. An overlap is required to ensure effective communication.

We encourage innovation and creativity, within a nice, professional and constructive team environment.

We have regular team meetings using Zoom and use Slack for asynchronous collaboration amongst all our team members.

We all communicate in English, as we all come from different parts of the World this is our official language.


Senior Full Stack Engineer
  • Singapore
  • Remote OK
  • Full-Time
  • Engineering
Senior Security Engineer (Remote)
  • Singapore
  • Remote OK
  • Full-Time
  • Engineering