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Empowering modern development teams to find, fix and prevent vulnerabilities related to source code, open source libraries, secret management and cloud configuration.

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Protected By GuardRails

Shipping Secure Applications Made Easy

Empowering modern development teams to find, fix, and prevent security vulnerabilities in their applications.

More Time for Features

Continuous security scanning reduces cycle times and speeds up the shipping of features.

Highly Accurate Detection

Our expert system reduces the amount of false alerts and only informs about relevant security issues.

Enterprise Grade Security

Consistent security scanning across the entire product portfolio results in more secure software.

Integrating with Leading Platforms
25+ Engines Supporting 15+ Languages

What Makes GuardRails Different?

GuardRails provides a unique differentiation to other solutions in 4 key areas:

Version Control System Integration

GuardRails provides a completely frictionless integration with modern Version Control Systems like Github and GitLab.

Security Tool Orchestration

GuardRails seamlessly selects the right security engines to run based on the languages in a repository.

Security Rules Curation

Every single rule is curated to decide whether it has a high security impact issue resulting in less noise.

False Positive Detection

GuardRails has built an expert system that detects false positives that is continuously tuned to be more accurate.

GuardRails empowers teams to secure their web and mobile applications

Detect Security Issues

Fix Security Issues

Leverage Security Insights

Plans for All Use Cases

Our mission is to empower developers and help companies to write secure applications. We have editions for all use cases and budgets.


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